Pricing Your House for Sale: How to Do It Right

Pricing Your House for Sale: How to Do It Right

how to price your home

Deciding how much your house is worth is evidently the most important factor you need to consider when selling your house. While you would want to get top dollar from the sale of your house, pricing it too high may not work in your favor since it can drive potential buyers away. Remember, you wouldn’t want your property to sit too long in the market since its appeal and perceived value will significantly decline after two to three weeks of showing.

So, how do you pick the right price tag for your house? Here are some tips that you may want to consider.

  • Pull comparable listings. To determine the right price range, look at similar homes that were listed within ¼ mile to ½ mile of your home for the past six months. Use these data as a starting point in pricing your home.
  • Use online calculators. These are great tools that can help you come up with a general idea on how much your property is worth. However, since using different online calculators would yield different results, toss out figures that seem too high or too low, and get the average for the rest.
  • Ask the experts. To determine how much your property is really worth, consider getting at least three Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) from different agents. You may also want to hire the services of an appraiser to come up with the most appropriate price range for your property. Hiring an appraiser can also help you determine whether you need to fix or update things to make your house sell faster and for top dollar.

About the Author

As a 15 year resident of Forsyth County, Tammie has spent the last 10 years using her insider knowledge to find her clients just the perfect home in their neighborhood of choice. Her past experience as an appraiser and loan officer allows her to assist her clients in selecting the best property for their family’s needs. See properties in Johns Creek, GA on Tammie’s main website


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